Ladies and gentlemen, Dashlane for Android V1.0 has arrived! Get it for free on Google Play now:

It’s been an interesting ride — developing an app from scratch always is. We had to make lots of choices about what the app will support in V1.0, as well as lots of UX choices as to how to replicate Dashlane in the mobile world while still giving the app a real “Android look and feel.”

What’s in Dashlane for Android 1.0:

  • Access to your most important data, such as your contact info, ID’s, web accounts
  • Your web account info (logins and passwords) are easily accessed by going straight to the website, or by using the copy/paste functionality
  • Your data is safely stored in an AES-256 locally-encrypted database which uses the same encryption engine as the desktop app
  • A pincode lock so you can use a pincode for easy access — rather than your longer, more difficult Master Password — for easy access if your account is already loaded on your device
Here are some more screenshots:

So what’s next to come? Well, building V1.0 (now V1.0.1) has been a fun experience, but the journey has just begun! Next we’ll bring account creation to the Android platform, so that users can create Dashlane accounts directly from our Android client. We also plan on bringing the full browser experience, meaning full auto-fill support to Android so that you can start experiencing the “life in the Dashlane.”

The design and usability of the app is very important to us, so we’ll try to unify the way you work on the mobile platforms, and bring it closer to the frictionless experienceusers enjoy with Dashlane on desktop, so for the next Android release we’ll work hard to make sure you can pay more attention to the important things and let Dashlane do the heavy lifting directly from your Android device.

And on that note, I’ll be getting back to work now, and start planning for the next milestone for our mobile team. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our firstborn Android app. And please share your feedback and questions with us!

About Stanojko Markovik

Tancho is the guy bringing Dashlane to the Android platform. Holds a Masters degree in computer science at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies in his home country of Macedonia. This Trekkie is a Depeche Mode and Daft Punk fan who reads physics and chemistry before bed.
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32 Responses to Dashlane For Android Is Here!

  1. Vincent says:

    Could you please precise what is the minimum configuration for Dashlane on Android. On Google play I got a message that my mobile is not compatible with this version when I tried to download. I use a HTC Legend (… I know)


  2. Dannyboy says:

    Like what I see so far ! I can use it currently for those long passwords I have already built but quite easily have forgotten, but I can’t wait for the auto-load feature to come in a future version. Also the PIM feature on the PC feature would be a blessing….tks for making our lives easier on your first pass !

  3. Dashfan says:

    I’ve been waiting for you guys to release an Android app for quite some time, and am so happy it is here! One question regarding the pin though.

    If I am using a 4 digit pin, how is it that the phone is able to decrypt my data if my data has been encrypted with my master password? Unless you are encrypting my master password with the 4 digit pin and storing it?

    I have serious security concerns around this model, because anyone that knows anything about security, also knows that a 4 digit pin can be cracked in milliseconds.

    Can you add any clarification to how using a 4 digit pin affects the security of my data?

    • Hi Dashfan,

      I am Guillaume Maron, developer at Dashlane.

      Of course, the pin code is NOT at all involved in the ciphering/deciphering of your data.

      The idea is the following:
      – all of your data are cipher using a derivation of you master password (10 000 iterations of PBKDF2 and a 32 bit salt producing a 256 bit key), with the AES-CBC algorithm
      – the derivation of your master password used for ciphering/deciphering is kept in RAM to allow us to cipher/decipher new data coming from a synchronization from your desktop app for exemple
      – the pin code is ONLY used to lock access to the app once the app has been in background mode/your phone turned idle

      For example, if you kill the application or reboot your device, there is of course no way to access your data without re entering your master password.

      Please don’t hesirtate to ask further question.

      I also invite you to read our white paper about our security model. Our Android app is following the exact same guidelines.

      Guillaume Maron

      • Dashfan says:

        Thank you so much for clarifying, Guillaume. This information restores my faith in the security of your product. I appreciate you taking the time to respond! Knowing you use both a salt and 10000 rounds of PBKDF2 will help me sleep at night. You have just gained a very happy customer!

  4. Serra Stone says:

    Hopefully this will eventually work for autofill with the Chrome browser!

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  7. Navin Raj Natarajan says:

    the app sync’s but does not display any data. I says you have no saved data in dashlane yet. Add some from desktop app. Please advise!

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  10. Dave Baron says:

    Sorry this is OT, but are there plans to release a version of Dashlane for 64-bit IE9 any time in the near future? I really want to become a user, especially now that there is Android support, but I can’t see throttling back to 32-bit just to make it work. Thanks!

    • Hi Dave, I checked with our dev team and turns out that because the 64-bit market is quite small and development would be rather time-intensive, right now this is not a priority, though we may consider it down the line. Thanks for using Dashlane!

  11. Michael Grady says:

    I thought this was going to be useful but, sadly, not.
    Instead of being convenient, it pops up at every reboot and can’t be shut down,
    it just minimizes back to the tray. Even when trying to kill it with a Microsoft Sysinternals
    utility, it restarts every time.
    You guys don’t have a clue.

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  13. Phil says:

    When I surf the web on my android and I still have to manually input my info amid logins even if the logins are all setup properly. Please help.

  14. Mark says:

    Installed android version from market on sgs2 (ics 4.0.3) – when try to login, after the secure code, it crashes (sent the report).

    Reading from play store, many people experience similar issue.

    Am i missing something here?

    Thanks, Mark

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  16. amar says:

    That’s really awesome, no more keyboard risks on setup pages if browser supports comes. Nice work dashlane, I gonna recommend to all my friends.

  17. deb says:

    I’m not always by my desktop to add/change account. When will you have account add/change function to the Android version and sync to desktop? Thanks

  18. Kelly says:

    Any plans to make this compatible with the Kindle Fire? I just locked myself out of Facebook and a few other places because I used the password genorater on my PC.

    • Ashley Thurston says:

      Hi Kelly – Kindle Fire isn’t on our roadmap. We’ve had a couple of users request it, so we’ll add your vote to the mix. Thanks!