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Introducing the Dashlane Starter Plan for Businesses

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Dashlane’s new Starter plan is the low-cost, low-commitment password manager plan businesses have been looking for.

Business owners often have many responsibilities, and it can be hard to make time to focus on cybersecurity.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a ton of time and money on protecting your business from cyberattacks. A password manager is a crucial first step in securing your data, and the new Dashlane Starter plan is just the frictionless, cost-effective solution you’ve been waiting for.

"Security is essential, but it doesn’t have to complicate your life. In an ideal world, everything would be locked down, but we need to be agile so things can function. Security and business need to balance.”

—Ben Silver
Manager of IT Support, BentoBox

How the Dashlane Starter plan helps organizations

With Dashlane’s new Starter plan, businesses of all sizes have a low-cost option to implement Dashlane’s core features for a flat price of $20 per month. Dashlane Starter is easy for you to deploy and just as easy for your employees to use. And with our best-in-class security architecture, Dashlane keeps your team safe—without compromising their productivity.

Dashlane Starter plan features:

  • U.S.-patented security architecture: ensure that only you have access to your data—not even Dashlane has access.
  • Security Dashboard: measure the overall security score of your organization over time.
  • Policy management: apply settings and policies to turn certain Dashlane features on or off.
  • Advanced reporting: get notified about breached passwords and visibility into risks across 100% of employees—even those not using Dashlane.
  • Active Directory Integration: automatically sync Active Directory (AD) users and groups for automated provisioning and deprovisioning of Dashlane accounts.
  • Group sharing: share passwords across teams securely and easily.
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA): add an extra layer of security by requiring two different authentication factors to access an account or system.
  • Password Generator: create strong, unique passwords in an instant.
  • And more

A flexible, best-value plan for up to 10 employees

With coverage for up to 10 employees for a flat fee of $20 per month, the Dashlane Starter plan is the best value for businesses and teams looking to begin improving their cybersecurity. With this flexible, frictionless option, you can cancel or switch to another plan anytime, so there’s no commitment and no catch. If you ever choose to stop using Dashlane, you can export your data, and we’ll remove you from our database.

Simple steps to secure your organization

Dashlane fits seamlessly into your existing workflows, mirroring current settings, roles, and group configurations. Once you’re set up, you can invite employees to start using Dashlane and give them access to logins and documents through individual and custom group sharing. With Dashlane’s Password Health score tool, you’ll also get a breakdown of each employee’s weak, reused, and compromised passwords, so you can help them build habits for good password health

Easy for employees to use, easy for companies to scale

With our award-winning UX, Dashlane is the password manager employees love to use. Simple sharing and handy autofill features not only increase company security but employee productivity as well. And when your organization grows, Dashlane can grow with you—when you want more than 10 employees to have Dashlane, you can easily upgrade to a Team or Business plan.

Support when you need it

If any questions come up along the way, we’ve got you covered with onboarding support and guidance from our Community Success team. Access live training webinars for admins and employees and “getting started” emails to guide everyone through Dashlane onboarding. 

Want to build a case for a password manager? Learn how to do that in just eight steps.

Dashlane’s other business plans

Looking for additional coverage? With Dashlane Team or Dashlane Business, you can unlock even more features and expand your coverage. 

Dashlane Team

For just $5 per user per month (billed annually), Dashlane Team helps you secure your organization with all the features of the Starter plan plus the added benefit of a virtual private network (VPN). 

A VPN is useful because it encrypts your data whenever you’re online and connected to it. This keeps your data protected and private from cybercriminals trying to steal it or an internet service provider trying to track it. Using a VPN is especially important when connected to public, unsecured WiFi, like at the airport or your favorite coffee shop.

Dashlane Business

For $8 per user per month (billed annually), Dashlane Business helps you protect your entire organization with an advanced solution that includes SCIM and single sign-on (SSO). This robust plan offers all the features of the Team plan plus additional authentication tools and perks, including SAML-based SSO, SCIM provisioning with supported Identity Providers, and a free Friends & Family plan for every seat ($108 annual value).

Learn more about the Dashlane Starter plan and consider if it's right for your business.

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