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Introducing Dashlane Emergency Password Access on iPhone: Simple, Secure Control of Your Online Legacy

  |  Tom

Published on Thursday 25th June, 8.00am EST

Today, we are proud to announce that we’re the first password manager to bring our intelligent Emergency contact feature to iPhone and iPad.

With so much of life conducted online, it’s vital to keep control of the personal information stored in your digital accounts. The dozens of logins you have for dozens of sites are keys to valuable assets that carry economic, legal and sentimental value. That’s why millions of people use the Dashlane password manager app to choose a digital heir who can access selected accounts should the need come up.
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If it wasn’t mobile would you make time?

We can’t talk about online accounts without talking about apps and mobile access.  You and your loved ones are often on the go, but that doesn’t mean your need to stay in control of your accounts gets left behind.

Dashlane’s Emergency feature on iPhone and iPad enables you to grant limited or unlimited access to a trusted friend, loved-one, co-worker, or advisor in case of emergency anywhere they may be. With the feature now available on every device, including Mac and PC computers and Android phones and tablets, there are no restrictions on accessing important information at the moment it is needed.

What happens to your accounts if something should happen to you?

Digital legacy brings up serious questions, like: will your children or spouse be able to access the secure note containing the location of your financial documents and will?  And others are equally important, but often forgotten: will those same loved ones be able to access and shut down social media, email or other accounts – both for privacy and also for fraud prevention?  And if you run a business: will your employees have access to critical services?  Dashlane makes this very easy and very secure – putting you in control of who, when and under what circumstances an Emergency contact may access your accounts simply and securely.

It isn’t all planning and preparing for life’s realities, though.

Dashlane’s Emergency feature frees you to travel, “go offline” and simply enjoy yourself without the constant worry that you’ll miss a bill, not be there for a financial emergency or otherwise get caught without access to your accounts.  An emergency contact can be put in charge of your affairs while you’re taking a break and only access necessary accounts if something unforeseen arises.  What a relief!

There’s no excuse, you can do it right now.

Unlike most “I really should do that” responsibilities, this is something you can do right now.  Grab your phone or tablet (or your computer, of course) and you’ll be protected in just four simple steps:

  • Add someone that you trust as an emergency contact – a spouse, family member, close friend or advisor.
  • Choose items you’d like them to access in an emergency – all your passwords and notes or just a few they really need.
  • Then, choose how long you’d like them to wait for access after they request it…days, weeks, (or no time at all). You’ll get a notification when your contact requests access and may cancel any false alarms grant access right away or do nothing and Dashlane will grant access automatically once the waiting period is up.
  • Enjoy peace of mind.

Dashlane secures user data via encrypted private key, which means users never have to give anyone their master password when setting up Emergency contacts. Emergency contacts can’t change your Dashlane data, and Dashlane users can revoke access at any time.

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