Here we are. Public launch day. Hello! Wow, we need to get some sleep.

Anyway, as the team prepared for this day, I focused on getting our story straight. I always knew that by taking the marketing reins at Dashlane, I’d have to eventually deal with a way of coming up with a simple and easy way to describe our product.

See, this is so daunting because our app has various functionalities — which is, ultimately, a good problem; we’re no one-trick pony. So as we worked to relaunch our website with a brand-new marketing story that we felt did the product’s myriad functionalities justice and would speak more clearly to our users and website visitors, I realized I’d finally have to sit down and really think about our tagline.

Prior to my official start at Dashlane, the tagline used was: “Every Login, Every Checkout, Simplified.” This is not inaccurate. Dashlane does simplify every login and checkout experience online, but I felt that it didn’t really get at the core of our app.

So I took stock of all the different ways we could describe Dashlane’s functionalities. These included, but were not limited to: “smart wallet,” “password manager,” “shopping assistant,” and “personal data assistant.” (And then of course, for that last phrase, there are the infinite permutations: “personal data locker,” “personal data dashboard,” “personal data vault.”)

These are all true — and we are likely to use them from time to time moving forward — but none of these speak to our underlying mission, which is to place personal data in the hands of users, in a super-secure and private way. Further, not only does Dashlane empower users to store their data safely, it also allows them to use that data conveniently.

That’s how we ultimately got to framing our new website. We’re currently rotating a few different taglines which illuminate the overarching Dashlane philosophy. Because while yes, we do make it easier for you to shop and pay online, to login and register for web accounts, and to use all kinds of key personal data in ways that save you time while at the same time making you more secure — all of these benefits are really in the service of empowering users to take control of their personal data because, well, it’s theirs.

Of the three taglines we’re currently testing, the one in the screenshot above is my favorite: “Make your personal data work for you.” But the other two — “All your personal data and purchases, in your hand” and “All your purchases and personal data, in your hands” — also speak to the greater purpose that informs our work here at Dashlane. (By the way, if you have any opinions or suggestions, please share them with me. We can always use a fresh pair of eyes.)

And as the Dashlane team discusses the exciting enhancements and new features we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks and months, we’re committed to ensuring they’re all directly connected to the spirit of securely empowering users to save and use their data however they’d like.

P.S. If you want to know more about how secure and private your personal data is when you enter it on Dashlane, read our Security and Privacy policies, which include basic points as well as techy white papers that spell everything out. If that doesn’t appeal to you here are the basic points you ought to know:

  • All of your personal data is locally encrypted on your own computer (and other devices, when our mobile apps come out soon), and is accessible only to you via your master password, which no one else has access to and which we do not store on our servers.
  • Not even the Dashlane team can see your personal data. We’ve basically built a secure vault for you and thrown away the key. (Again, the key is your master password.)


About Daniela Perdomo

I'm Dashlane's Director of User Growth, charged with crafting the Dashlane story and driving organic adoption.
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15 Responses to What Is Dashlane Anyway?

  1. Frank says:

    I was wondering which is DashLane business model, are there any plans to charge for fully functional versions in the future or sell advertising?


    • Hey Frank: For now we’re obviously focused on driving user adoption. Down the line, we foresee experimenting with premium features, which would be available for a fee. To be clear, however, all the features currently available in Dashlane will continue to be free.

      Out of curiosity, which kind of features would you consider necessary to make Dashlane “fully functional,” as you put it, for you? And which would you want to see if you were to pay for a premium version?

      • Logan Druley says:

        Personally, I think mobile apps[namely android] need to exist ASAP – using dashlane to generate passwords is somewhat useless if I can’t bring them up on my phone when I need them and I’m not going to memorize those strings.
        I can’t quite figure out what Dashlane seems to be lacking, but it definitely feels a little incomplete – when I figure it out I’ll let ya know :)

        On a totally personal note – I’d love to see a new UI, not a huge fan of the all encompassing white. (and if the android app followed ICS design guidelines I’d loooooove it, really gorgeous)

        • Our mobile apps are in development for iOS and Android. They’ll be out very soon!

        • P.S. Also you can already use Dashlane on your mobile devices right now by accessing our web app. (Login by navigating to our home page and clicking log in in the upper right-hand corner.)

          • Logan Druley says:

            Yes, unfortunately it doesn’t work on my handset – LG Optimus V, but I’ll see if I can’t get it to work. Really glad to hear they’re coming soon though. An important question actually that just came up for me is how thats going to work – will it be able to save passwords and fill across the whole OS? given that essentially most websites handle they’re mobile functions via apps instead of webpages.

      • Logan Druley says:

        As far as premium features go – I pay premiums when the price is reasonable and they have something unique to offer. If you can make something that makes my life even easier, I will gladly give you money. I know thats not really specific but I’m just saying that I’d love yall to come up with something completely original!

      • Frank says:

        Fully functional: Unlimited password storage and usable everywhere including mobile devices.

        Premium version: I would only be willing to pay once, I don’t like monthly or yearly charges. That is one of the reasons why I use an offline password manager, I paid for it a year ago and I won’t have to pay again ever unless I want to upgrade to a new version.

        I was only asking about the business model because many new companies give stuff for free to lock you in and then start charging something that might or might not be reasonable.

        I don’t see too much making Dashlane stand out from the competition but nothing that is bad either, good luck with it.

        • Hey Frank,

          We don’t limit the number of passwords you can enter in Dashlane. And while our mobile devices are a few weeks out, you can currently access our app on the go through our web app on your mobile browser.

          Great to hear your thoughts around premium versions and related fees.

          Surprised to hear you don’t think there’s much to differentiate us given our hard stance on personal data privacy and security. Have you read our white papers? (Check our our Security & Privacy pages).

  2. Hi Logan, as you noted, mobile apps that provide add-on functionality to browsers have to include their own mobile browser in order to provide that functionality. Unfortunately, unless the powers-that-be change their policy around that — we certainly think it’s a policy they should do away with! — we’ll have to abide by the same limitations. However, the forthcoming mobile versions of Dashlane will eventually have full-fledged in-app browsers so functionally, it should not be limiting.

  3. Josh says:

    I’m using a custom build of Firefox, called Waterfox. Where can I get the Dashlane plugin so that it will work with this version? The UI is exactly the same only it’s optimized for x64. I wouldn’t figure there would be any conflicts, but the installer won’t install for my browser.

  4. click says:

    You ought to really control the remarks on this website

  5. Shahbaz says:

    what is the basic purpose of dashlane ?