There’s a lot of live-music fans here among the staff here at Dashlane, and we’ve discovered that one of the best use-cases for our product is using it to make sure we don’t miss out on concert tickets. Shopping cart time-outs, not hitting “Buy” quick enough — not a problem with Dashlane, which allows you to check out anywhere (on your phone or your computer!) in less than 30 seconds!

We put together this pretty rad infographic using data from the New York Times and, to parse just how (in)convenient online concert ticket-buying is… and we also discovered exactly how much more expensive live-music tickets are getting. Concert and festival prices this summer in the U.S. are more expensive than they ever have been before — likely a reflection of how much more the music industry relies on events to bring in cash, especially since you can now listen to all the music in the world for free on services like Spotify.

To top it all off, we also decided to include tips on how to get the tickets you want — we recommend using tools like and getting creative with how you search for discount codes on social media. Check it out!

Click on the infographic for the full size:

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