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Introducing Spaces™ for Mobile: Manage and Separate Work and Personal Passwords on All Devices

  |  Malaika Nicholas

Today, we’re excited to bring you Spaces for Mobile, a new Dashlane Business feature that allows your employees to protect, manage, and separate their business and personal passwords in their Dashlane account on their iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

We designed Spaces for mobile to help businesses and IT departments struggling to manage the massive trend of employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) and software to the workplace. As a result, employees are beginning to circumvent your IT department, leaving your business at risk for a massive data breach. Here is how Spaces for mobile can improve your company’s overall password health and access management:

Secure and Sort Personal and Business Data

By the year 2018, over 70 percent of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices. While using personal devices at work can boost an employee’s productivity inside and outside of the workplace, mixing personal and business data can have major security implications.

Dashlane Business with Spaces for Mobile
With Spaces for Mobile, employees can use business and personal passwords on both their mobile and desktop devices. Spaces for mobile also allows employees to store IDs, corporate and personal credit cards, secure notes, and other data, and organize them in each space. Employees will be able to move items from one space to another, and find work versus personal items easily based on the Space badge shown on every credential. Also, the “Recent Items” screen provides a personalized view of the most important passwords for each employee upon arrival in the app.

Monitor password health and security

Dashlane Business Admin console.

Poor password security is still a majority security issue at large companies. A recent study discovered that 1 in 3 employees continue to share access to work and personal accounts insecurely, and 65 percent of employees use a single password to protect all of their accounts. As a result, 63 percent of confirmed enterprise data breaches in 2015 involved hackers leveraging weak, default, or stolen passwords.

More importantly, BYOD devices are extremely susceptible to security vulnerabilities. A recent study discovered that 97 percent of the applications on mobile devices contained some sort of privacy issue, 86 percent of these apps lack basic security defenses, and 75 percent fail to properly encrypt data.

By equipping your employees with Dashlane Business and Spaces for mobile devices, business owners, company executives, and IT administrators will be allowed to oversee the password health and security of their entire organization and every employee through the centralized Admin console, while still maintaining employees’ privacy. In addition, enterprise control features let employers restrict or revoke access to an employee’s work Space, without employees losing access to accounts saves in their Personal Space.

More Time and Resources for Your IT Department

We initially built Dashlane Business for companies struggling to keep up with the consumerization of IT. Employees are ultimately consumers — and they want business tools that are mobile, convenient, and work on multiple devices. As a result, about 33 percent of employees will purchase an application to use for work without their IT department’s knowledge, and 49 percent of those employees did it because it was “faster without IT”.

Spaces for Mobile Header (Image 2, Draft 3)

Dashlane Business is the simplest, and most effective enterprise access management solution for business. It’s simple, user-friendly onboarding experience provides makes Dashlane Business easily adaptable among employees, and instantly frees up time and resources from your IT department.

In addition to our new Spaces for mobile feature, Dashlane Business has the same convenience and security you’d come to expect from our consumer password manager:

  • Patented Security Architecture: Our award-winning password manager is the first and only password management solution with a patented, zero knowledge password manager security architecture. With Dashlane, each employee will generate a completely unique and secure Master Password that is never known or stored in Dashlane, and their data is encrypted with the strongest security encryption in the industry–AES-256. By not storing your Master Password–or any derivatives–anywhere, every employee’s account is virtually impenetrable. Our premium version even comes with a VPN!
  • A Constantly-Learning Algorithm: Dashlane’s Semantic Analysis Engine is always learning and analyzing new web pages to provide your employees with our lightning-fast auto-login, autofill, and password generation features.
  • Secure syncing and sharing: With Dashlane, each employee can safely sync their work passwords across desktop, mobile, and BYOD devices with ease. Employees can also safely share full or limited access to their work-related passwords and other data with their team members.
  • Extra Security with U2F Support: Dashlane is the first password manager in the industry to provide businesses with support for the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor authentication (U2F) protocol and U2F-enabled YubiKeys. Instead of having employees hunt down 2FA codes via email or text messages, U2F-enabled YubiKeys add a physical layer of security and convenience by allowing every employee to quickly authenticate themselves with a simple tap.

Empower your employees with the security and convenience of Dashlane Business, and the mobility of Spaces for mobile! To learn more, visit

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