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What would you do at work if you couldn’t get online? Many of us would probably suggest calling it a day and heading home.

Modern work life depends on online accounts and, of course, the logins and work passwords that come with them. However with this comes great responsibility. Do you choose convenience and use the same password everywhere? Or do you choose security by using unique passwords and take on the arduous task of logging into each one?

Luckily, Adrien’s here to offer some expert advice. Working in an agency that helps advertisers to better leverage their data, he knows the dilemma better than most of us. Here’s his lessons to help help you get in control and kick ass at managing business online too.Get Secure Online Like A Boss.

First of all, get those accounts in order

At my agency I work with an average of five to ten clients at any time, managing up to five accounts for each client. On top of that, I have all of my own work accounts to manage too, from email, to chat, to CRM. All that is just too much to keep track of manually – I’d go as far as to say impossible.

A completely secure repository of all of these accounts, that’s not confined to particular team members’ memory or laptops, is key to making sure the business has real control. We have everything saved in Dashlane so that all I have to remember is a single master password, leaving the app to do the rest for me.

For many people in our business, not only organizing your real accounts is important, but your alter egos too.  Anyone who has ever had to test a website for anything from errors to a good user experience will know that this involves filling in a whole lot of forms, and creating even more accounts in order to do so. It’s lengthy enough to input your own details, but when you’re signing up for demos or making purchases under different accounts, this gets very complicated.

To keep this process in check, putting in some structure around ‘fake’ as well as real credentials is important. Create complete profiles of a defined set of personas once, and refer to these whenever you’re playing around on your sites. Again, all of these identities are set up in my Dashlane account, and I use auto-filling to complete forms in seconds.

Start collaborating efficiently with your colleagues                            

More often than not, several of my colleagues and I may be working on a client’s analytics at once, with just a single login for everyone to share. Just like any team, we had plenty of experience of constant chat and email to get passwords from specific people for specific accounts. It’s a minor request, but every little thing that stops you from just getting on with your job can build up to create a fragmented and frustrating day. We now share passwords securely via Dashlane so that everyone can access the ones they need to, knowing that these are always synced and up to date.

And above all, make sure that your business is actually secure

Make sure your passwords are unique. Choosing the same password for each of your online accounts is like using the same key to lock your home, car and office – if a criminal gains access to one, all of them are compromised. Also make those passwords long and complex, so it is impossible to guess, adding numbers, symbols and mixed-case letters too. If it’s not very original, it won’t be very safe!

Mac - 2

Still be careful about who you share with. Protecting your online accounts – particularly those that touch your brand – isn’t just about passwords. You need to educate your team on how to use those accounts too and ensure they share responsibly. Make use of permissions wherever you can. But if something goes wrong, your first response should be to change the password to lock any wrongdoers out – malicious or accidental.

Has Adrien’s story inspired you to give Dashlane a go? Well it’s you’re lucky day! We’re currently offering UK startups a year’s free premium membership for three team members. To make the most of this offer (worth over £100) click here.


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Today at Dashlane we’re celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day, which looks to praise the best Community Managers in the business and give them the credit they deserve for doing what can often be a thankless task, improving the customer experience through social media.

To mark the occasion, we’re offering our own token of appreciation to Community Managers with a year’s free access to Dashlane Premium, so there’s nothing left standing in the way of good security for all social communities.

The working day of a community manager seems to get more complex every month. Long gone are the days when a Facebook account would cut the mustard. Now brands need to be present on every platform under the sun, reaching different audiences from Twitter to Pinterest to Linkedin. Thats not even taking into account different brand streams and regional accounts, which ultimately means community managers may be having to deal with (potentially) hundreds of log ins in their professional lives.

To deal with this plethora of information, many Community Managers will undoubtedly implement sound policy guidelines to protect their log-ins, however one simple slip up could lead to a serious faux pas resulting in a huge amount of brand damage, not to mention the Manager’s own professional reputation.

If you’re keen to follow Community Manager Appreciation Day on Twitter search for the #CMAD #CMGR hastags on Twitter and follow @Dashlane for further developments and offers.

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After much anticipation, Apple announced a release date for iOS 8 yesterday. September 17th is the big day! Now that Dashlane’s iOS 8 app is in review with Apple, we want to let you know what amazing new features are coming your way very soon!

Here are three brand new features you can expect from Dashlane’s iOS 8 app:

The Dashlane Safari extension
With the new Dashlane extension in Safari, you’ll be able to auto-log in to your websites and autofill forms in Safari on your iPhone and iPad.

dashlane_ipad_safariextensionHere’s how it works:

Dashlane + Touch ID
With Dashlane and Touch ID, you can log in to Dashlane using your fingerprint instead of having to type your Master Password or PIN code. Set it up once (shown below), and you’re good to go.


The Dashlane App Extension
iOS 8 has an incredible feature called App Extensions. By using the Dashlane App Extension, developers can eliminate manual data entry at account creation, login, and form filling in their apps.

As a user, it means that creating accounts, logging in, and filling forms in your apps could be as easy to do as it is in your browser. Here’s a a sneak-peak of what that looks like:

Developers can find documentation on our App Extension here. If you want to see Dashlane working with your favorite apps, feel free to send your favorite apps a message about it :)

Once iOS 8 is released on September 17th, we expect Dashlane’s iOS 8 app to be available in the iTunes Store within mere days after that. We’ll be waiting with bells on! How about you?

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Notebooks, Sticky Pads, and random pieces of paper have become a nostalgic item replaced by smart phones, tablets, and laptops. While some are reluctant to let go of their paper password logging habits, in the era of data breaches, it may be time to move those passwords over to a secure app.

5 reasons why password managers are safer than paper

1. Your password manager won’t disappear from right under your eye.
Someone can copy or walk away with your sticky note or notebook without you noticing. Even if you think you’ve cleverly hidden your paper with your passwords, the most common hiding places are well-known. When you use a secure password manager, even if someone walks away with your device, your passwords are encrypted and locked away.

2. You can’t easily keep track of all your accounts and passwords on paper.

It’s incredibly difficult to keep track of all your accounts and passwords on paper. Chances are, you aren’t. So when large data breaches happen and you need to reset your passwords – Heartbleed, the CCS OpenSSL vulnerability, CyberVor – you’re probably forgetting certain accounts and leaving them vulnerable.

passwords on paper3. Your passwords aren’t encrypted on paper.
A lot of people don’t write their entire password on paper. They use their own methods of encryption and leave out a word or string that they reuse for other passwords. While it’s a noble attempt at protecting your data from snoops, it’s just not as strong as ciphering your data with AES-256 encryption and being the only key-holder for your data.

4. Misplacing your computer, cellphone or tablet is very rare.
It’s easy to lose track of a piece of paper – even one with important info on it. But you don’t typically misplace your computer or phone. If you do or if it’s stolen, your devices should always have their own password to protect them (that’s rule #1 whether or not you use a password manager). On top of that, password managers like Dashlane auto-lock after inactivity, and you can remotely block your Dashlane account.

5. Your notebook doesn’t update you with important security info, like data breach alerts.
Dashlane gives you the full picture when it comes to your online security. You get security breach alerts when a site that you use is compromised. Plus, the Security Dashboard shows where your passwords are reused or just plain weak. A piece of paper will never be able to do that.


Dashlane confronts internet security and password managing. With one master password and the industry’s leading encryption protecting your data, you can still have private access and full control over all your personal accounts. Although it’s easy to believe your information is safe lying in between the pages of a personal password notebook, it’s not safer than a secure password manager. And it’s not nearly as convenient.

Dashlane is the best password manager & digital wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Get encrypted storage for your passwords and personal info. Autofill forms online and log in to your accounts automatically. Never lose a password or fumble with tiny keyboards again! Get it free today!


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It’s nearly March Madness, which can only mean one thing… I forgot the password to my bracket account and need to reset it!

Here’s how it usually happens:

  • The games are nearly upon us, and I’ve conveniently left almost no time to make my picks
  • I go to ESPN.com
  • And… I promptly forget the password that I last used a year ago
  • Shamefully, I click ‘Forgot Password?’ then go through the process of resetting my password, and confirming the change through email – it’s so painful!

… but not this year – I have Dashlane.

Do you forget the password to your bracket account every year just in time for tip-off? Stop the Madness and get Dashlane, the world’s best password manager.

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