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Forgot your Master Password?

For your security, your Master Password is never stored anywhere, which is why Dashlane cannot send it to you if you forget it. This ensures no one but you can access the private information you keep in Dashlane.

If you’ve forgotten your Master Password, you’ll need to reset your account. Resetting your account means:

  • You’ll need to verify your email address

  • Your passwords and data in Dashlane will be deleted (This cannot be undone)

  • You’ll need to create a new Master Password

  • If you're Premium, you will keep all of your benefits

  • If you're a Dashlane Business user, you will be removed from your Business account and need to be re-invited by an admin

If you’re having trouble logging in to Dashlane but aren’t sure you’ve forgotten your Master Password, please read this Help Center article or contact our support team for further assistance.

If you’re certain you forgot your Master Password and will never remember it, then you’re in the right place. In a few steps, you can reset your account, create a new Master Password, and start fresh.

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